About us

God has used Grace World Ministries to reach many lives around the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the United States through compassion ministries. We meet the physical needs of the most impoverished and then give them the blessed hope through the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes.
Reverend Sertorius Johnson (Founder) fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to live the great commission and reach out to a lost world with love and compassion. This was the birth of Grace World Ministries in 2009.

Now we have missionaries deployed to the Latin American nation of the Dominican Republic who host missionary teams and evangelize. We also have a team in Tecolote, Mexico where we are planting a church and feeding several hungry families every week. We intend on spreading the gospel to every nation in preparation for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Grace World Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to a dying world and aiding in the relief of the ones who are in the most need.


Our vision is win families for Christ through their children.


​The tiny forgotten border community of Tecolote, Mexico just outside of Tijuana has been hit extremely hard as a result of tough economic times. This town is packed with families and children that are scraping by to survive.  Your support is the only thing standing in the gap between perishing and prosperity.  Many kids go to school without breakfast and have no lunch to look forward to.  Dinner often times consists of bread or a tortilla with beans if they are lucky.  GWM is bringing hope to the hungry of Tecolote through our Soup Kitchen project.  We intend to feed fifty families 1 hot meal a day.

​With your support we can make this a reality.  Along with your continued prayers, we are  in need of your financial donations so that we can continue to bring food to the people of Tecolote. GWM is on the front lines fighting to bring healing to broken families and hope to the poor. Every Friday we host a community Bible study for kids where we are helping to build a new generation of young Christians of virtue. Our kids make crafts and get a delicious hot meal on Fridays. Every Saturday souls are won for Christ as Pastor Jesus and his team share the gospel with the community at our home church. After Saturday service, GWM provides a delicious meal for the congregation and guests. God is doing amazing things through this ministry, and we can do even more with your generous donations!

Santiago, Dominican Republic

We have teamed up with a local church in Santiago, Dominican Republic in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods on the island. There we minister to over 150 kids on a weekly basis and have opened a Saturday school (CFCC Cienfuegos Christian Center) with 50 students enrolled. The students of CFCC learn English, science, fitness, health, Bible, and receive tutoring. After every school day, the students are provided with a delicious meal. We are planning on expanding the Saturday school to be a full time Monday – Friday school with additional activities on Saturday.

We love to see the word of God develop the character of these children. God is doing amazing things through this ministry, but unfortunately it comes at a financial cost. To learn more about giving opportunities and ways to assist, please see the “SPONSOR” tab at the top of the page.

In addition to our children’s ministries, we have the privilege of leading Bible study groups in the neighborhood, provide food for hungry families and share the gospel with members of the community.

We also host missionary teams in our home.   We have an air conditioned house with comfy beds that can comfortably accommodate up to 20 short term missionaries. We would love to invite you and your church to prayerfully consider coming and visiting us here in the Dominican Republic. We can work with you and your church to create a custom missionary trip to accommodate your team.